what is a dietitian?

Dietitians are university trained health professionals who help individual people, groups and communities improve their health by applying the science of human nutrition.

Traditionally, Dietitians were well known for assisting people to lose weight, perform better as an athlete or just helping people to eat that "little bit healthier".

Times have changed and nowadays, Dietitians do more than DIETS. In fact a great Dietitian,  will have the clinical training and counselling skills to help people to change their nutritional intake to manage a multitude of physical and mental health conditions.  

There are two new exciting approaches, many Dietitians are now using. These are called, The "Non-Diet Approach and Health At Every Size ®. Although they are technically different things (the non-diet approach is a way to apply the principles of HAES ®), both help people to make dietary changes without food restriction and without a focus on body weight. I know. About time hey?