how can a dietitian help you with your health?

There are many, many scientific studies that suggest a change in nutrition improved or even prevented certain health conditions. It's important to note though, nutrition is not the "be-all" of health.

For instance a diet high in fruit and vegetables has been shown to reduce our risk of developing heart disease, getting a stroke, developing constipation and even some cancers! It's also been shown to help reduce blood pressure, cholesterol levels and control Diabetes. *

We also know so many other things in our lives contribute to our health and a good Dietitian will be asking you about your whole life (not just food).

Please browse the health conditions on the right to get a general overview of information about your specific situation, and find out if seeing a Dietitian could help you to improve your health and well being.

Oh - And times are changing. Dietitians offer more than just face-to-face clinic appointments these days. They also offer telephone, skype/online, walking appointments along with group programs and workshops. They work in hospitals, research, charities, consult to the media, sporting teams, workplace wellness programs and more!


* National Health and Medical Research Council. Dietary Guidelines for Australian Adults. Commonwealth of Australia, Canberra; 2003.