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Information for referrers

If you're a medical practitioner, nursing or allied health practitioner or community care worker, this page will give you basics on what you need to know to refer to a Dietitian in Australia.


what do dietitians do?

Dietitians offer a variety of clinical related services including:

  1. 1:1 Dietetic Consultations at clinic locations 
  2. Group Education Programs (including Type 2 Diabetes under Medicare) 
  3. Home visits for clients with limited mobility
  4. Services to aged care facilities
  5. Presentations to patients, community groups and other health practitioners

For further information on the kinds of patients or clients a Dietitian can help with, please see our health conditions section & recommended nutrition websites

what to look for in a dietitian

We might be biased ;),  but we suggest looking for a Dietitian who is trained in motivational interviewing and counselling along with  Non-Diet and HAES ® Approaches. Dietitians trained in these approaches, will be well versed in really listening to your patient's health journey and not jump to calorie counting, unachievable weight loss methods or "blanket advice".

A great Dietitian will also take part in regular professional development and education along with clinical supervision and mentoring. 

Additionally, we suggest looking for someone who strives to keep other health and community professionals up to date on their patient or client's progress. In short, someone who is on "your team".

Check a Dietitian you refer to:

  • Offers individualised, holistic & evidence based dietary advice
  • Has flexible appointment times and a reasonably short waiting list (you don't want your patients/clients to be waiting for weeks on end)
  • Provides written or telephone feedback to you - the referrer
  • Where possible, offers concessional rates for pensioners and health care card holders

Do your patients need a referral to see a dietitian?

Not all Dietitians require a referral. We do appreciate them as having some background medical/health related information on our patients/clients enables us to provide the best possible advice.

Many Dietitians welcome taking part in Medicare Team Care Arrangements for clients with chronic medical conditions and they also take DVA referrals and participate in the NDIS.

Don’t forget DVA Gold Card Members are eligible for free Dietetic Services and patients with private health cover for dietetics can receive a rebate.