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You can search for a dietitian by checking out:

  1. The Dietitians Association of Australia - Search for all listed Accredited Practising Dietitians in Australia
  2. Health At Every Size ® Australia - Search for all health professionals trained in Non-diet and HAES ® approaches
  3. SOL nutrition (Us!) -  Search below for Dietitians who we regularly partner with

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Christina 4

Meet Christina

I believe everyone has a right to enjoy a happy relationship with food.  

I also believe our body size does not dictate our health (or our worth).

Special Interests

I run a clinic for any community members diagnosed with an Eating Disorder

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Carly 02Meet Carly

I believe in nutrition, cooking and exercise as the basis for a healthy and happy life.

I also believe health is more than that. It's about our stress management, our sleep and our relationships with friends and family.

I'm very passionate about FOOD and COOKING and enjoy experimenting with different recipes and cuisines and of course tasting and sharing them.

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