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Hot 3 Nutrition Tips for Staying Well In Winter

Top 3 Nutrition Tips For Staying Well In Winter

The jury is out on the link between many herbs, supplements and our ability to fight the common cold.

However, it goes without saying eating a pretty balanced diet will help to keep us well during winter.

There are three key nutrients that are involved with our immunity and staying warm. 

Let’s take a look… Continue reading

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Healthy Hot Cross Buns Recipe

healthy hot cross buns recipe


I’m not one for Easter treats.  I think I may have mentioned on a previous post I don’t really like chocolate (I know – I’m strange!). I’ve also never been much of a fan of dried fruit in cakes and buns (and never mind all that mixed peel stuff)

However, this year I thought I might have a crack at a healthy hot cross buns recipe. I’m been on a mission to find a recipe that I like (think no currants) and that is also nutritious.

Well, I’ve adapted about 5 recipes into one and this is what I turned out. Kinda a cross between a muffin and bun. They are pretty tasty too! Continue reading

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5 reasons to eat potatoes (nutritional benefits of potatoes)

nutritional benefits of potatoesWhatever did the poor spud do?

I love potatoes and eat them without guilt. However, today’s post has been inspired by the plethora of nutrition gurus claiming…potatoes make you fat, potatoes are a “no-no” food and potatoes ain’t Paleo. As I said..the poor spud :)

There is so much nutrition information out there. I am sure the average Joe is starting to feel over-whelmed. I know I am and I work in nutrition.

I am hoping to highlight 5 fantastic nutritional properties of the humble spud and also dispel some myths. So here goes: Continue reading

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