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The Nutritional Benefits of Rhubarb

nutritional benefits of rhubarbSOL Food of the Month is….Rhubarb

Well, I’m not exactly sure if it’s a fruit or a vegetable. It looks like a vegetable but I liken it’s cooking uses to that of a fruit.

Either way, its a lovely, colourful winter food to think about and I would really love to highlight it’s nutritional goodness and uses. Continue reading

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Food of the Month: Spinach (nutritional benefits of spinach)

nutritional benefits of spinachSpinach – lovely green stuff. It’s one of my fave vegetables and I wanted to explore it’s nutritional benefits.

Nowadays we usually have the option at farmers markets & supermarkets of both English Spinach and Baby Spinach. Silverbeet is also readily available. Importantly, some people confuse silverbeet with spinach but they are in fact different plants! (although close relatives)

The nutritional benefits of spinach include: Continue reading

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Don't forget your a, B, c's – a reminder about the nutritional benefits of B vitamins

nutritional benefits of B vitaminsAt least once or twice a week I come across someone who tells me they are avoiding grains. It’s also all over social media. Rightly or wrongly so, there seems to be a movement across the globe to avoid all things gluten-ey, wheat-ey, oat-ey and even potato-ey (more on this another time).

Are you avoiding grains?  Did you know by cutting out this group of foods your intake of certain nutrients could be quite low? This could include fibre, B vitamins and carbohydrate.

Today I wanted to focus on the humble B vitamins – why? because our poor old vitamins seem to have been forgotten in the more recent media shenanigans about grains, sugar, carbs & saturated fats. Continue reading

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