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Pesto & roasted vegetable pizza recipe

Three of the most common barriers people face in eating a balanced diet are:

  1. Cooking on a tight budget
  2. Being too busy to prepare nourishing meals after work or school/study
  3. “Healthy” food is not always tasty

Do you struggle to get tasty but quick and affordable meals on the table at night? Even yet, do you manage to eat at the table? Or is it a quick throw together in front of the TV?

If it’s a yes! then you might like our SOL recipe of the month. It’s a vegetable pizza that’s:

✓ easy

✓ tasty & nutritious

✓ quick Continue reading

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What’s your dietary dogma?

I have had a bit of a bee in my bonnet about dietary dogma for awhile. It started a year or so ago when I embarked on a dieting challenge (just click here to read about it). Now, with social media awash with self help dietary gurus my angst (sorry for the drama :) ) is growing.

So what’s the big deal? OK. Well, I’ll start at the beginning…… (ha ha). Continue reading

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Is a vegetarian diet healthy?

carrotsI thought it might be a good idea to do a bit of a blog post on Vegetarian diets. I’ve had a few Vegetarian clients that have been young children lately (brought along by their parents). Understandably, their mums and dads have been concerned if following this style of diet is healthy for growing bodies.

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