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Muesli Slice Recipe (recipe of the month)

muesli slice recipeThis is a pre-apology for any anti-grain people out there ;) ;) – Also anti-sugar as well.

This recipe is a combo of a bunch of different slices and muesli bar recipes I have dabbled with.

It’s very tasty, based on whole foods and loads more filling (and possibly cheaper) than a store bought muesli bar.

So if you are after a snack type food that you can bake, then you might be interested to try this one. Continue reading

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5 reasons to ditch soft drinks

5 reasons to ditch soft drinkDo you love Summer? I do!

Living in a sun loving country (aka hot), we obviously have to drink a lot more in Summer to stay super hydrated.

Unfortunately, many of us tend to drink more soft drinks around this time of year.

Problem is. They aren’t that great for our health.

So without further ado… Continue reading

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Who do you trust about nutrition?

who do you trust about nutritionHave you ever been confused about who to believe when it comes to food and nutrition? I’m writing this post as a bit of a positive spin on something I’ve noticed of late on this very topic! Continue reading

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