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Lentil and pumpkin soup recipe

lentil and pumpkin soup recipeWinter starts in just a couple of weeks. Whilst it’s been lovely sunny weather here in Byron Bay, we have heard on the grapevine – it’s been starting to get a wee bit colder down south!

The great thing about Winter (like all change in seasons) is a chance to cook our favourite winter warmers. You know.  Those yummy dishes that we love – but are just a bit too hot to eat in the middle of a FLIPPING HOT SPELL in Australia.

Here’s one of our favourites >>>>>> Lentil and pumpkin soup recipe with a touch of spice.  Super easy, tasty and delicious.

Maybe this will inspire you to pull out an old favourite or try a new recipe this week? Continue reading

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My favourite soup recipes

soup recipes

Winter is coming…and that means soup!

The benefits of soup….

* they are a great way to get your vegies in for the day
* they are so warming
* they are super affordable
* they are also a handy way to take in non-meat sources of protein (particularly great if you are vegetarian or looking for cheaper alternatives to meat, fish & poultry)

My favourite soup recipes

My favourite soup recipes over the past couple of winters have been:

  1. Coconut, Sweet Potato & Spinach Soup
  2. Watercress Soup  
  3. Almond Soup &
  4. Chicken Broth

They are easy, tasty and don’t require fancy ingredients.

Ok. So here they are. Hopefully they inspire you to try experimenting with soup recipes this Winter. Continue reading

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Almond Soup Recipe – SOL recipe of the month

almond soup recipeIf you have read any of my previous posts you will know at this time of year I start thinking about winter warmers.

You might even want to check out some other winter warmers like egg muffins or quinoa porridge  - just to get you started.

Well, onto this month’s recipe. I stumbled across this almond soup recipe in a vegetarian cookbook.

I’d never actually had almond soup before. I was actually really surprised how easy, affordable and tasty it was.

Oh and with the onset of winter coming – it’s a bit of a “comfort meal”.

So here it is… Continue reading

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