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How to snack mindfully

Have you ever wondered how mindful eating and snack foods actually go together? Isn’t mindful eating about eating whatever we want and when we want? If we want to eat lots of snack foods won’t that end up making us unhealthy?

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Fuelling Up For Winter Sports

food tips for fuelling up on the slops

source: Perisher NSW

I’m currently taking a bit of a mid-year R & R jaunt down in the Snowy Mountains of NSW . This post is inspired by my ride on a ski lift at Thredbo yesterday.  It’s amazing how much you can chat about on the lift back up the hill ;)

Anyways, I was speaking to a lovely lady who asked me what were the best snacks for her kids (aged 10 and 16), her husband and herself whilst skiing. They are a really outdoorsy family and her son (the 16 year old) is aiming to compete at the Winter Olympics in 2014.

Although they were going to be buying some meals at the resort, she wanted to be able to pack some high energy but relatively nutritious snacks for her brood.

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