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The best rice salad

rice saladWe used to make this rice salad recipe A LOT. We made it at our cooking sessions at the local Aboriginal Health Service.   We can’t quite remember where it originally came from. Maybe a combo from different ones we found on the internet.

It’s a recipe for warmer weather. Easy and cool but still fills you up (i.e. It’ not just a bunch of greens!)

We hope you like it :) Continue reading

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Mango, avocado & chicken salad

mango, avocado and chicken salad Summer and summertime recipes are the inspiration for this month’s recipe. There are still a few mangoes around and what better way to pop it into a salad and have something easy for Dinner!

This Mango, Avocado & Chicken Salad Recipe is a combination of a few different mango salad recipes we’ve tried.

Feel free to swap things around. You really can’t go wrong.

If it’s not mango season where you live in the world,  you can use tinned mangoes instead. Too easy!

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Salad in a Jar

salad in a jarI’ve been going a bit crazy on Pinterest lately. There are just so many ideas around food. One of the more recent ideas I have noticed from bloggers in the United States is this idea of salad in a jar. They look pretty (so you are more likely to eat your vegies!), the jars are reusable, BPA free, they keep it all fresh plus save us time in our busy lives.

I just tried it yesterday as part of my “Sunday  - get ready for the week ahead foodie day”. In case you haven’t seen them I thought I would share the idea with you… Continue reading

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