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Mexican Baked Potato Recipe

baked potato recipeDo you struggle to come up wth easy, quick and tasty meal ideas?

You’re not alone. It’s such a common complaint from busy working folks.

Well, here is something new (and easy)  for you try.

It’s our recipe of the month, Mexican Baked Potato. These can be eaten as a snack or a meal (bonus!) Continue reading

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The best rice salad

rice saladWe used to make this rice salad recipe A LOT. We made it at our cooking sessions at the local Aboriginal Health Service.   We can’t quite remember where it originally came from. Maybe a combo from different ones we found on the internet.

It’s a recipe for warmer weather. Easy and cool but still fills you up (i.e. It’ not just a bunch of greens!)

We hope you like it :) Continue reading

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Healthy Hot Cross Buns Recipe

healthy hot cross buns recipe


I’m not one for Easter treats.  I think I may have mentioned on a previous post I don’t really like chocolate (I know – I’m strange!). I’ve also never been much of a fan of dried fruit in cakes and buns (and never mind all that mixed peel stuff)

However, this year I thought I might have a crack at a healthy hot cross buns recipe. I’m been on a mission to find a recipe that I like (think no currants) and that is also nutritious.

Well, I’ve adapted about 5 recipes into one and this is what I turned out. Kinda a cross between a muffin and bun. They are pretty tasty too! Continue reading

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