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What’s good about bread?

Is bread the forbidden food?

If you read a lot of social media posts about food and nutrition you would think bread is the forbidden food. Whether it’s the anti-carb, paleo, clean eating or whatever the newest food fashion is, many trendy folks advocate for no grains (of any kind).

While there are genuinely many people who can not tolerate wheat based foods (like bread) including those people with coeliac disease and those with an intolerance, it doesn’t necessarily mean we all should be avoiding them. This blog post isn’t really about that debate anyways. ( I would suggest watching this quick video below from Michael Pollan as a start on that topic).











Today I actually wanted to talk about some positives for the humble loaf of bread. A staple of many civilisations. There are some real nutritional benefits in bread which are often overlooked.

This post is for those folks who: Continue reading

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Don't forget your a, B, c's – a reminder about the nutritional benefits of B vitamins

nutritional benefits of B vitaminsAt least once or twice a week I come across someone who tells me they are avoiding grains. It’s also all over social media. Rightly or wrongly so, there seems to be a movement across the globe to avoid all things gluten-ey, wheat-ey, oat-ey and even potato-ey (more on this another time).

Are you avoiding grains?  Did you know by cutting out this group of foods your intake of certain nutrients could be quite low? This could include fibre, B vitamins and carbohydrate.

Today I wanted to focus on the humble B vitamins – why? because our poor old vitamins seem to have been forgotten in the more recent media shenanigans about grains, sugar, carbs & saturated fats. Continue reading

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Who do you trust about nutrition?

who do you trust about nutritionHave you ever been confused about who to believe when it comes to food and nutrition? I’m writing this post as a bit of a positive spin on something I’ve noticed of late on this very topic! Continue reading

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