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The nutritional benefits of rice

nutritional benefits of riceHa Ha. How strange you are thinking.
Why is she writing about boring old rice? What about quinoa or freekah or chia seeds soaked in filtered water from the foothills of the Himalayas? ;) ;) Continue reading

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Fad Diet Challenge Pt 1: The Paleo Diet

For the past month, I have been following the Paleo Diet – also known as the ‘Caveman Diet’, all in the name of getting more clued up on fad diets.  If you haven’t heard of it, it is based on the premise our bodies should be eating foods of that of our Paleolithic ancestors. In essence, only foods a Caveman could acquire. Initially, I found it difficult to find consensus on what the Paleo Diet was. Some versions included dairy, but only if full fat. Some included additional fats and oils. Some included legumes and some tea and coffee. If you are interested in the views of some of the advocates for Paleo Style Diets you might like to check out Nora Gedgauda’s site or Loren Cordain’s.

Please note, this blog post is not intended to advise if the Paleo Diet is scientifically correct or even to provide a nutritional analysis. It is solely intended to document my journey in following the diet and some of the more day-to-day or practical aspects of the diet.  The Scoop on Nutrition recently did a review of the nutritional qualities of the Paleo Diet which you can read about here.

What I Ate
Seeing as there was no clear consensus on what a Paleo Diet was, I decided to keep it as simple as I could based on what I thought a Caveman would most likely be able to gather: meat, eggs, nuts, seeds, fruit and vegetables. I did include root vegetables like potato and yam.  I didn’t include legumes and I ate no additional fats like oil, margarine or butter, no additional sugars, no ‘treat’ foods, no dairy products and no grains (breakfast cereals, ancient grains like quinoa, pasta, rice or bread). I obviously had nothing out of a packet or tin.

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My Dieting Adventure

ChristinaTurner_PhotoAlmost every day I work I am asked by a client:

“have you tried the …….. diet?”,

“does the ……. diet actually work?” or

“I want to lose weight and nothing else is working.  I think I will go on the …….diet”

As my studies have been scientifically based, I have always replied to the best of my knowledge with the pros and cons of such diets. In most instances, discounting the diet as being something unachievable, usually unbalanced and often expensive.

Well I have decided to put my money where my mouth is and try some of the more popular diets on the market for myself.

Why you ask? Continue reading

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