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Should I be taking fish oils?

should I be taking fish oilsWe are chugging down supplements more than ever.

Complementary Medicines Australia report two out of three Australians use a natural health care product and half these people do so for the management of a particular chronic disease. When it comes to fish oil supplements, sales in Australia are over $200 million every year!

With the wide range of supplements available it could mean we are less focused on what we are taking in with food and hoping for that “quick fix”.

There has been some movement in research on fish oils over recent times so I thought it might be a good idea to do an update post. It’s a good time to take a look at what supplements you take and asking yourself – should I be taking fish oils? Continue reading

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Green Smoothie Goodness

Green Smoothies have been quite ‘fashionable’ for awhile.  Love em or hate em, they look like they are here to stay.

I just want to make it clear – we should be able to get plenty of vitamins, minerals and Omega 3’s from our foods. In this busy world though, it can be hard to make time and so having a smoothie with vegies in it can be pretty useful way to stay healthy.  It’s also a bit of fun……so if you enjoy making them – why not!

If you are bit scared about having greens in a smoothie and are worried about taste – adding a small piece of fruit or coconut water takes out the bitterness. Maca Powder and a little bit of honey also do that.

So here’s the Green Smoothie Recipe I have been making lately:

green smoothie recipeIngredients

  • Large handful of greens like spinach or kale (just the leaves – not the stalks)
  • 100-200mls plain coconut water 
(100mls makes it a bit thicker)
  • 1 small banana (frozen or chilled in the fridge)
  • 1 tsp LSA seed mix (linseed, sunflower, almond mix). Chia seeds work well too :)
  • 1 teaspoon honey (optional)
  • ½ – 1 tsp maca powder
  • ½ -1 tsp spirulina (optional)

Throw it all in the blender and whizz for a minute or two and it’s done

This recipe is for one large glass. Enjoy x

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Fish Oil v Krill Oil

fish oil v krill oilIt can all get a bit confusing…..this nutrition caper. The media and health industry bombard us with nutrition information and products. It is hard to tell what is fact and what is just marketing hype. Krill oil has been on the market for sometime and it’s often a question asked by clients as to it’s benefits. Is it better than regular fish oil? and what exactly is the difference between the two? Fish Oil v Krill Oil…
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