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Change your brain. Change your eating – Neuroplasticity

neuroplasticityNeuroplasticity. It’s a bit of neuro-buzz word. Have you heard of it? And what does it mean?

The Neuroplasticity concept has been around for a while. It’s basically a way of describing our brain and our nervous system as being like plastic. We can change them, mold or rewire them into something else.

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Top tip to face your fear of food

face fear of foodThis post is for all my clients with an eating disorder and all those lovely ladies (and guys too) who might chance across this post and be struggling on the food front…

For folks with unhappy relationships with food, learning to face a fear of food and the eating experience is a biggie!

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How I discovered mindful eating

discovered mindful eatingWhen walking, walk. When eating, eat. ~ Zen proverb

I discovered mindful eating by chance.  It’s funny. It’s actually the most effective tool in my “nutritionist tool belt”. Yet, I didn’t study it in either of my university degrees. It’s also probably the most simplest nutrition strategy ever. Continue reading

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