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top 10 mindfulness resources

mindfulness quotemindful newsflash

I’m smack-bang in production mode for an exciting mindful eating project (more news to come soon…top secret – ha ha)

In the meantime, I’d love to share some mindful bites from the project with you.

Today’s topic? mindful meditation. Continue reading

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How I discovered mindful eating

discovered mindful eatingWhen walking, walk. When eating, eat. ~ Zen proverb

I discovered mindful eating by chance.  It’s funny. It’s actually the most effective tool in my “nutritionist tool belt”. Yet, I didn’t study it in either of my university degrees. It’s also probably the most simplest nutrition strategy ever. Continue reading

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My top 5 meditation ph apps


“Mindfulness isn’t difficult.top 3 mindfulness ph apps We just need to remember to do it”  - Sharon Salzberg

Most people seem to know meditation and mindfulness practices can help us to be healthier. It can aid our attention and concentration, blood pressure, stress management and increase awareness of self (and others). There is also some great evidence in helping  anxiety and depression and in managing unhealthy relationships with food. Continue reading

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