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3 ways losing your phone could help your eating

3 ways losing your mobile phone could help your eaAre you connected with your smartphone pretty much 24/7?

You are not alone.  In 2015 it was estimated there are approximately 31 million mobile phone accounts in Australia. That’s more than 1 per person!

We are obviously avid users of these helpful pieces of technology. However, as we have been using them more and more,  there have been anecdotal reports of phone addiction! and even recent scientific studies.  (here is a link to a recent review of those studies).

As they are a definitely a distraction for a lot us they can affect how we eat.  So if you lost your phone for the day. It may not been such a bad thing!… And here is why: Continue reading

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3 steps to becoming a “wise” mindful eater

becoming a "wise" mindful eat“Every one of us already has the seed of mindfulness. The practice is to cultivate it” – Thich Nhat Hanh

We often talk about mindfulness as “being present” and paying attention to the moment. This is essentially true. However, it’s also about how we act with the wisdom of being present.

For example if we are constantly stressed, practising mindfulness helps us to notice our bodily sensations and thoughts during stressful times. By practising this regularly, we learn to act in more helpful ways to manage the stress. (hint – that’s the wisdom part).

So what does this mean when it comes to mindful eating? Continue reading

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How to snack mindfully

Have you ever wondered how mindful eating and snack foods actually go together? Isn’t mindful eating about eating whatever we want and when we want? If we want to eat lots of snack foods won’t that end up making us unhealthy?

Shall we explore it a little more?… Continue reading

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