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The 3 secret steps to never dieting again

hunger“If hunger is not the problem, then eating is not the answer”

~  anonymous

Have you noticed how many diets and healthy eating programs talk about “keeping hunger at bay?”

It’s almost like feeling hungry is something we are to be scared of or to avoid at all costs. Continue reading

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How do I know if I’m hungry?

how do I know if I'm hungryThe need to eat can be a powerful urge. There are a bunch of triggers to eating.
One of them is hunger.
For many of us though, the signals can get a tad confusing.

I’m sure you have experienced HUNGER. Maybe you have been on a super restrictive dietary plan and felt like you could eat your arm off you were so hungry? Perhaps you were caught out and didn’t have anything in the cupboards to cook for dinner one night? Maybe you got busy at work and forgot to eat and then…..whoah. Massively hangry! (personally I get the hangry thing) :) Continue reading

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Why is it so hard to lose weight?

why is it so hard to lose weightHave you made weight loss goals before?

Maybe you planned to lose a certain amount of weight By Christmas? By the Wedding? By Graduation?

How long did the weight stay off after the big event?

Yep. As we know diets can work. If we make firm goals,  eat less and exercise more. However, for many of us they generally only work in the short term.

Eventually, you see we start to rebel. No one wants to be told what and when to eat. After being on diets we tend to overeat and even binge eat.

What happens next? -  Continue reading

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