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The Nutritional Benefits of Lemongrass

nutritional benefits of lemongrassOur SOL Herb of the month is Lemongrass!

So we obviously want to highlight it’s goodness.

The nutritional benefits of lemongrass

Well, like any herb how many you nutrients you get from it, will depend on how much you eat of it. The key nutrients that lemongrass contains are: Continue reading

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The Nutritional Benefits of Dill

nutritional benefits of herbsSOL Herb of the Month is Dill!

Dill is actually part of the celery family. It’s sometimes referred to as dill weed. It’s not actually a herb I use a lot of. However every time I do, I think: “Gosh I really like this flavour. Why don’t I cook with Dill more often?”

So that’s why it is our herb of the month. Simply so I could do some more research on Dill and all things nutrition. Continue reading

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Herb of the Month: Rosemary (nutritional benefits of rosemary)


nutritional benefits of rosemary

Our Herb of the Month is: ROSEMARY.

In latin it means “dew (ros) of the sea (marinus)”

The nutritional benefits of rosemary include it being a significant source of iron, calcium and vitamin B6.

It smells delightful and is great for roasts, for flavouring oils and in home baked breads.

oh – and Michele Hamilton, one of our Facebook friends tells us it’s great for making your hair shiny. Michele suggests just soak some rosemary in water. Strain it (but keep the water) and there you have it.  An instant hair conditioner. Rosemary so many uses and it’s delicious too!

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