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The nutritional benefits of oregano

nutritional benefits of oregano

If you love your Greek or Italian food, then chances are you have eaten a lot of oregano!

We have made it our SOL herb of the month.

SO let’s find out more about this tasty herb….. Continue reading

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The nutritional benefits of parsley

nutritional benefits of parsleyWell the SOL Herb of the Month is Parsley!

I would love to highlight some super good nutrition stuff about this very well known herb. Continue reading

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The Nutritional Benefits of Mint

nutritional benefits of mintOur SOL Herb of the month is Mint !!!

When I think of mint I initially think of chewing gum. Not actual foods. Then I remember there are different types of mint and wide array of uses.

From peppermint tea to lamb with mint sauce and chocolate + mint combos.

It really is quite versatile. Continue reading

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