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What is the non-diet approach?

what is the non-diet approachIf you’ve been a reader of our blog, you’ll know we’ve been writing about this thing called the non-diet approach for, well, quite awhile.

If you’re new to us, let’s get you up to speed.

Q: So what is the non-diet approach?

A: It’s a way/method health professionals use to assist community members in pursuing health without a focus on diets for weight loss.

Why don’t we promote weight loss? Continue reading

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The Non-Diet Approach to Health & Life | Special Guest Interview with Stephanie Alexander

It’s time for my next interview in the Non-Diet Approach to Health & Life series.

If you have missed past interviews, check out my last interview with Sarah McMahon from Body Matters Australasia. Oh – and there also is a ton of background info on the Non-Diet Approach to Health here.

Ok. This week, again we have an inspirational Australian. I am delighted (understatement) to say THE STEPHANIE ALEXANDER has graciously given up some time to give her thoughts on food, cooking, dieting and health. Continue reading

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The Non-Diet Approach to Health & Life | Special Guest Interview with Sarah McMahon

Holy moly. Thanks to everyone who read my first interview a couple of weeks ago ( click here if you missed the interview with Kerry Beake).

Oh and the background info on the non-diet approach and this interview series can be read here.

This week. AGAIN. Another super inspiring health professional. Sarah McMahon :)

Interview with Sarah McMahonIntroducing special guest Sarah McMahon

Sarah MacMahon is a Psychologist, proud Director and Co-Founder of Body Matters Australasia. She specialises in and has been working with people with eating disorders for over ten years. She has successfully treated over 200 individuals who have made a full recovery from their eating disorder.

Now, if you haven’t heard of Body Matters – then you really need to head to their website HERE. They are huge advocates for fighting against the body shaming culture in Australia and the knock-on effect it has in perpetuating eating issues.

So, let’s go.. Continue reading

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