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International No-Diet Day – get involved in the conversation

international no-diet day6th May was International No-Diet Day.

I thought this might be an awesome opportunity to update on the non-diet approach.

It’s a great time to let you know what health professionals are up to in this space and how you can get involved.

So let’s chat no-diets.

What’s International No-Diet Day?

How it started Continue reading

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What is the non-diet approach?

what is the non-diet approachIf you’ve been a reader of our blog, you’ll know we’ve been writing about this thing called the non-diet approach for, well, quite awhile.

If you’re new to us, let’s get you up to speed.

Q: So what is the non-diet approach?

A: It’s a way/method health professionals use to assist community members in pursuing health without a focus on diets for weight loss.

Why don’t we promote weight loss? Continue reading

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It’s a wrap! | The non-diet approach to health & life series

nurturingWowee– what a year it has been! I’m sure everyone will agree it is well and truly time for the holiday period.

Today I want to say a big formal thank you to all the lovely health professionals and personalities who took part in an interview series I ran. It started as a way to get connected with similar folks. That is, people who don’t really believe in diets and believe in other more fun (and humane) ways of looking after our health. Continue reading

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