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5 reasons to eat potatoes (nutritional benefits of potatoes)

nutritional benefits of potatoesWhatever did the poor spud do?

I love potatoes and eat them without guilt. However, today’s post has been inspired by the plethora of nutrition gurus claiming…potatoes make you fat, potatoes are a “no-no” food and potatoes ain’t Paleo. As I said..the poor spud :)

There is so much nutrition information out there. I am sure the average Joe is starting to feel over-whelmed. I know I am and I work in nutrition.

I am hoping to highlight 5 fantastic nutritional properties of the humble spud and also dispel some myths. So here goes: Continue reading

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Powered Up on Porridge. Brookfarm Porrij Launch

I don’t normally do product reviews. There are plenty of other Dietitians out there that do a brilliant job on this (check out Foodwatch or the Scoop on Nutrition). However, this week I had the pleasure of being invited to the Launch of Brookfarm’s Gourmet Porrij Range. So I figured seeing as they are local I might do a bit of an update on their new products. Continue reading

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Easy Meals v Fresh Meals. a tough one.

Many people ask if it’s OK to have frozen or ready to eat meals. Are frozen meals healthy? It’s a tough question and there is probably not a right or wrong answer.

frozen meals healthyTo give you some background information, the idea for this blog post was sparked when I was talking with a client this week. They have Type 2 Diabetes and we were talking about a new frozen food range on the market. The food range is known as ‘Made For You Foods’ and is specifically targeted at people with Diabetes. For more info on ‘Made For You’ check out their website here.

Continue reading

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