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SOL FOOD: is coming! – a mindful eating program

mindful eating program
  • Are you someone who has dieted for years and years only to be twice as heavy as when you started?
  • Do you over-eat when you are stressed, upset or tired?
  • Have you forgotten what being hungry is? or when the right time to eat is?
  • Do you feel guilty when you eat a ‘no-no’ food?

Yes? well maybe it’s time to think about changing things.

I am pleased to announce we are launching our first e-course and it it’s all about mindfulness! Continue reading

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What’s your dietary dogma?

I have had a bit of a bee in my bonnet about dietary dogma for awhile. It started a year or so ago when I embarked on a dieting challenge (just click here to read about it). Now, with social media awash with self help dietary gurus my angst (sorry for the drama :) ) is growing.

So what’s the big deal? OK. Well, I’ll start at the beginning…… (ha ha). Continue reading

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My Dieting Adventure

ChristinaTurner_PhotoAlmost every day I work I am asked by a client:

“have you tried the …….. diet?”,

“does the ……. diet actually work?” or

“I want to lose weight and nothing else is working.  I think I will go on the …….diet”

As my studies have been scientifically based, I have always replied to the best of my knowledge with the pros and cons of such diets. In most instances, discounting the diet as being something unachievable, usually unbalanced and often expensive.

Well I have decided to put my money where my mouth is and try some of the more popular diets on the market for myself.

Why you ask? Continue reading

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