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Three Ways Mindful Eating Beats Dieting

” I highly recommend worrying. It’s much more effective than dieting”
~ William Powell

dietAre you sitting on the fence with this mindful eating caper? It all sounds well and good to be mindful and trust your body. However, if you’ve been a “dieter” for a long while, that’s a habit that sticks. Understandably it can be a little scary to embark on a different way of eating.

So today, let’s chat about why mindful eating might just be better than dieting.  Well really.  Why it wins hands down. Continue reading

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It’s a wrap! | The non-diet approach to health & life series

nurturingWowee– what a year it has been! I’m sure everyone will agree it is well and truly time for the holiday period.

Today I want to say a big formal thank you to all the lovely health professionals and personalities who took part in an interview series I ran. It started as a way to get connected with similar folks. That is, people who don’t really believe in diets and believe in other more fun (and humane) ways of looking after our health. Continue reading

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What to Eat to Feel Energised

what to eat to feel energisedAre you always low in energy?  Have you dieted for so long you have forgotten the basics of eating healthy?

Chances are if you have been on and off diets over the years you may not be getting the key nutrients you need. Whilst caloric restriction and watching portion sizes can be useful for some people. For others it just doesn’t work.  If you have been cutting food groups out to lose weight you might be on your way to nutritional deficiencies. Continue reading

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