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Wake Up Weight Watchers

newsOver the last few weeks, there’s been a campaign brewing on social media. It’s called, ‘Wake Up Weight Watchers’ and it’s been causing a bit of debate between corporations, community members and some health professionals.

The campaign led by Balance Eating Disorders Centre in New York, commenced in response to Weight Watchers launching free membership for American Teens. This marketing move is now likely to be launched in Australia.

If you’ve never followed a weight loss diet before or never struggled with weight concerns, this might seem like a wonderful thing to offer. However for those in the know, many feel this is a marketing plot to pull in young teens whilst they are at their most vulnerable age and keep them as a loyal customer (for life). Continue reading

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Is your diet making you depressed?

Do you know someone touched by depression? Chances are, you or someone you know has has experienced depression. One in seven Australians will experience depression at some point in their life.is your diet making you depressed?

The World Health Organisation is predicting depression will be the number one health issue in both developing and developed countries by 2030! (black dog institute)

How do you know if you have depression? Continue reading

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