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It’s national diabetes week!

national diabetes week National Diabetes week runs 9-15 July this year.

It’s estimated 300 Aussies develop Diabetes every day so it’s a great campaign to be aware of. Continue reading

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Top 3 Tips when Eating for Diabetes

eating for diabetesWhat is Diabetes?

Diabetes is where we have a¬†problem maintaining good blood sugar (glucose) levels. This might be because we don’t make enough insulin or the insulin we do make isn’t working great. (ps. insulin is a hormone that helps the body use glucose from our food for energy.) Continue reading

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Mindfully Managing Diabetes

mindfully managing diabetesThis week is Diabetes Week and the aim of this national campaign is to raise awareness of both the number of people living with Diabetes and the seriousness of the condition. I’m thinking it’s also a great time to talk about how mindfulness and mindful eating can help. Continue reading

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