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Bread, what the @$*!!!! is the difference?

difference between different types of breadWholemeal, multigrain, white, high fibre, low GI, gluten free, spelt, sourdough, organic.

Soooo many types. Have you ever wondered about the actual difference between different types of bread?

I am often asked by clients which is the best bread to buy. I am also asked if we should eat bread at all!
For the record, yes I think it’s fine to eat bread. I generally do not recommend one brand over another. We are all individuals with many aspects that guide our food choices such as our budget, taste, health concerns and food values.

Having said that, many people often don’t understand what is the difference between all the breads that are available. So here is a run down to help you make the best choice for you: Continue reading

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My Dieting Adventure

ChristinaTurner_PhotoAlmost every day I work I am asked by a client:

“have you tried the …….. diet?”,

“does the ……. diet actually work?” or

“I want to lose weight and nothing else is working.  I think I will go on the …….diet”

As my studies have been scientifically based, I have always replied to the best of my knowledge with the pros and cons of such diets. In most instances, discounting the diet as being something unachievable, usually unbalanced and often expensive.

Well I have decided to put my money where my mouth is and try some of the more popular diets on the market for myself.

Why you ask? Continue reading

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Wheat-Free: the way of the future?

wheat free dietThis blog entry has been inspired by one of my more famous counterparts: Michael Pollan. For those of you who don’t know Michael, he is the author of several well known books: Food Rules, In Defense of Food and the Omnivores Dilemma. You can check out his website here.

This month, Michael wrote an article for the New York Times answering some of the questions he is most often asked by consumers. One question that caught my eye was: ‘What do you think of Gluten-Free Diets’?
Continue reading

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