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How To Be “Healthy” Over Christmas

how to be "healthy" at christmasEvery year, as we approach Christmas the same questions come up from clients and all over the media:

  • “How can I avoid overeating?”
  • “Everyone is always talking about their diets. I feel guilty. I just want to eat want I want”. “What should I eat on Christmas Day?”
  • “I don’t want to put on weight but…..”
  • “How do I eat healthy over the holidays?”
  • “I’ve gained a lot of weight. What will they think?”

So what’s the answer How can we be “healthy” over Christmas? Continue reading

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The nutritional benefits of Christmas Turkey

thanksgivingnutritional benefits of turkeyWell you guessed it. Our SOL food of the month is Turkey!!

This time of year we like to choose a “Christmas-ey” food  for our food of the month.

(Hint – You might like some previous posts on >>>>Prawns , Cherries and Sage).


In a Roy Morgan Poll last year, they found about 14% of Aussies were chomping on Turkey during January.  Whilst it’s still a fairly traditional food choice, it’s obviously still a solid fave for some of us.

So when it comes to nutrition, what’s great about turkey? Continue reading

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The Nutritional Benefits Of Cherries

the nutritional benefits of cherriesIt’s not only the Holiday season but it’s also Cherry season!

In honour of Cherries I am making them our SOL Food of the Month.

I want to highlight the nutritional benefits of Cherries and convince you to include this yummy fruit in your life over the holidays. Continue reading

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