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Three Ways Mindful Eating Beats Dieting

” I highly recommend worrying. It’s much more effective than dieting”
~ William Powell

dietAre you sitting on the fence with this mindful eating caper? It all sounds well and good to be mindful and trust your body. However, if you’ve been a “dieter” for a long while, that’s a habit that sticks. Understandably it can be a little scary to embark on a different way of eating.

So today, let’s chat about why mindful eating might just be better than dieting.  Well really.  Why it wins hands down. Continue reading

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The non-diet approach to health & life | Guest Interview with Leah Gilbert

Let’s cut to it.

It’s time for my next interview in our non-diet approach to health & life series. If you are new to this series then you really need to head to the back story here first. If you are all over it, then keep reading my friend and….

Say hello to Leah Gilbert Continue reading

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4 ways to combat negative body image (starting today)

4 ways to combat negative body imageAre you happy with your body shape and size?

Do you make comment (either to yourself or to friends/fam) about the body size of celebrities?

You might change your feelings and actions as a result of this story about TV host Sam Armytage. I want to show you 4 ways to combat negative body image… Continue reading

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