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Ten Ways To Eat More Vegetables

ways to eat more vegetablesDid you know Aussies are just not eating enough vegetables?*.  The daily recommendation is 5 serves/day. Only 8% of Australian adults eat this! **  I really need to highlight ways to eat more vegetables!

What is a serve?
This is a common question. I find a lot of people think a serve means just having a kind of vegetable. E.g. I had some peas, some corn and carrots – so that’s 3 serves. Instead, a serve is actually:

  • ½ cup of cooked veg OR
  • 1 cup of salad/raw veg OR
  • 1 tomato OR
  • ½ medium sized potato

Why are vegies so good for us?
Vegies are packed full of nutrient love. They give us beta-carotene, folate, iron, fibre, vitamin C, magnesium, potassium and even some carbohydrate. Vegies also provide us with phytochemicals and anti-oxidants helping to protect our cells against ageing and cancer.

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Dietitian vs Nutritionist?

In Australia, Dietitians are also Nutritionists.  However Nutritionists are not always Dietitians.

Confused?  This grey area is one the most frequently asked questions by our clients. In fact it was our very first post on facebook back in January!

What is the difference between a Dietitian and a Nutritionist?

A lot of confusion arises with the use of the words Dietitian and Nutritionist. This is because the terms are not regulated by government.  Anyone out there can call themselves either of these.  Many people do study nutrition but there are many different courses out there and they all differ in content and how students are assessed.

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