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The nutritional benefits of blueberries

nutritional benefits of blueberriesOur SOL food of the month is Blueberries.

If you live in Australia, perhaps you have been steering clear of berries since the Hepatitis A scare??

Well, I think food safety scares like this are a huge reminder to know where our food comes from and choose local wherever possible.

Blueberries are available locally to us and one way of having them year round is buying a few up when they are in season and freezing them.

Most people know blueberries (like all fruit) are healthy but why? Continue reading

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Summer Blueberry Delights

nutritional benefits of blueberries
The warmer months in Byron Bay bring the excitement of fresh blueberries becoming available at the local farmers market.

Rather than buying by the punnet, many of us buy the juicy blue treats by the bucket!

Apart from being a little taste sensation, blueberries (like many fruit) are packed full of nutrition goodness.

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