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Weight-Neutral Practice: Beliefs and Attitudes of Aussie Dietitians

jessica-to-oto-o-pL-W0OYKolA-unsplashToday’s journal article in the spotlight is from non other than Aussie Dietitian, Fiona Willer.

I believe Fiona has (almost) completed her PhD!  and the first publication from her PhD was released just this year.  It was a study investigating Australian Dietitians’ beliefs and attitudes towards weight loss and Health at Every Size ® (HAES) counselling when working with larger bodied clients. Continue reading

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International No-Diet Day – get involved in the conversation

international no-diet day6th May was International No-Diet Day.

I thought this might be an awesome opportunity to update on the non-diet approach.

It’s a great time to let you know what health professionals are up to in this space and how you can get involved.

So let’s chat no-diets.

What’s International No-Diet Day?

How it started Continue reading

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Wake Up Weight Watchers

newsOver the last few weeks, there’s been a campaign brewing on social media. It’s called, ‘Wake Up Weight Watchers’ and it’s been causing a bit of debate between corporations, community members and some health professionals.

The campaign led by Balance Eating Disorders Centre in New York, commenced in response to Weight Watchers launching free membership for American Teens. This marketing move is now likely to be launched in Australia.

If you’ve never followed a weight loss diet before or never struggled with weight concerns, this might seem like a wonderful thing to offer. However for those in the know, many feel this is a marketing plot to pull in young teens whilst they are at their most vulnerable age and keep them as a loyal customer (for life). Continue reading

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