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Mexican Baked Potato Recipe

baked potato recipeDo you struggle to come up wth easy, quick and tasty meal ideas?

You’re not alone. It’s such a common complaint from busy working folks.

Well, here is something new (and easy)  for you try.

It’s our recipe of the month, Mexican Baked Potato. These can be eaten as a snack or a meal (bonus!) Continue reading

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Food and nutrition in aged care facilities – what you can do

food and nutrition in aged care

Normally, scientific papers don’t make the front page of national newspapers. However back in mid February one finally did!

A research study led by Australian Dietitian, Cherie Hugo noted the spend on food in aged care facilities is going down whilst the reliance on nutrition supplements is going up.

The research study called, “What does it cost to feed aged care residents in Australia?”hit the headlines in the Brisbane Courier Mail,  and made it to radio and even the TODAY show! Continue reading

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Rocket, Parmesan and Tomato Salad

rocket, parmesan and tomato saladSometimes we all need a bit of recipe inspiration. Not necessarily the MasterChef variety, just something simple, easy and quick we can whip up.

So if your food mojo needs a bit of a kick up the pants, you’ll like our recipe of the month. It’s Rocket, Parmesan and Sun-Dried Tomato salad and we adapted it from a good-old fashioned Women’s Weekly recipe. It takes 10 minutes and that’s all. Hooray! Continue reading

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