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How To Be “Healthy” Over Christmas

how to be "healthy" at christmasEvery year, as we approach Christmas the same questions come up from clients and all over the media:

  • “How can I avoid overeating?”
  • “Everyone is always talking about their diets. I feel guilty. I just want to eat want I want”. “What should I eat on Christmas Day?”
  • “I don’t want to put on weight but…..”
  • “How do I eat healthy over the holidays?”
  • “I’ve gained a lot of weight. What will they think?”

So what’s the answer How can we be “healthy” over Christmas? Continue reading

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Food and nutrition in aged care facilities – what you can do

food and nutrition in aged care

Normally, scientific papers don’t make the front page of national newspapers. However back in mid February one finally did!

A research study led by Australian Dietitian, Cherie Hugo noted the spend on food in aged care facilities is going down whilst the reliance on nutrition supplements is going up.

The research study called, “What does it cost to feed aged care residents in Australia?”hit the headlines in the Brisbane Courier Mail,  and made it to radio and even the TODAY show! Continue reading

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Could getting more sleep be the answer to your health?

“Sleep is the

- Dalai Lama XIV


Exercise and adequate nutrition have long been regarded as the major players in keeping us well.

Hopefully, by now you realise it’s not that simple. In fact, the Association for Size, Diversity and Health produced an awesome video awhile back talking not only about the lack of effect our body weight has on our health but also pointing out all the other [important] parts of our lives that contribute to good health. That’s things like getting access to clean water, a roof over our head, happy relationships and so on (check it out here to watch). Continue reading

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