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Christina Turner is the Founder of SOL nutrition. A Dietitian & Nutritionist, she loves eating (and nutrition), is super passionate about mindful eating and helping people to get the 'sol' back into their eating.

How often do you undertake reflective practice?

alisa-anton-182057-unsplashAre you working in private practice? How often are you taking part in formal self-reflection on your cases?

We know running a business is pretty hectic and Dietitians (and other allied health too) are constantly rushing from one place to the next. So it makes sense our reflective practice skills can go out the window in the process!

We get it. You’re busy and hopping from client to client  and perhaps your logging of professional development happens one day before your annual membership expires. Today’s post will hopefully give you some food for thought on why it’s worth getting board with formally reflecting on your clinical cases. Continue reading

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Selfies and Body Dissatisfaction

mink-mingle-53274-unsplashThere is a growing body of evidence investigating the impact of social media on our mental health. As Dietitians, we need to be aware of this research and how it might be affecting our patients and clients’ health. A recent interesting study on selfies is a great place to start if you’re new to this knowledge area. Continue reading

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International No-Diet Day – get involved in the conversation

international no-diet day6th May was International No-Diet Day.

I thought this might be an awesome opportunity to update on the non-diet approach.

It’s a great time to let you know what health professionals are up to in this space and how you can get involved.

So let’s chat no-diets.

What’s International No-Diet Day?

How it started Continue reading

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