Food and nutrition in aged care facilities – what you can do

food and nutrition in aged care

Normally, scientific papers don’t make the front page of national newspapers. However back in mid February one finally did!

A research study led by Australian Dietitian, Cherie Hugo noted the spend on food in aged care facilities is going down whilst the reliance on nutrition supplements is going up.

The research study called, “What does it cost to feed aged care residents in Australia?”hit the headlines in the Brisbane Courier Mail,  and made it to radio and even the TODAY show!

Whilst some of the headlines about food and nutrition in aged care had quite a negative controversial tone,  it’s great to get this kind of nutrition news on the agenda of mainstream media.  After all, this is one of our more vulnerable groups in our communities. There are lot’s of great projects happening in aged care facilities across Australia that we can learn from to change things for the better.

Are you passionate about a nutritious, tasty meals and a fab dining experience being offered at aged care facilities?

  1. Then you might like to consider joining the Lantern Project. Their aim is to improve the quality of life of those folks living in aged care residential homes through great food, nutrition and a focus on the eating experience.
  2. It’s free to join the project and the group meets regularly to share ideas, research and projects that are working
  3. You can find the Lantern Project facebook page here or go their website by clicking here.
image credit: Dr Peter Collins via Twitter



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