3 ways losing your phone could help your eating

3 ways losing your mobile phone could help your eaAre you connected with your smartphone pretty much 24/7?

You are not alone.  In 2015 it was estimated there are approximately 31 million mobile phone accounts in Australia. That’s more than 1 per person!

We are obviously avid users of these helpful pieces of technology. However, as we have been using them more and more,  there have been anecdotal reports of phone addiction! and even recent scientific studies.  (here is a link to a recent review of those studies).

As they are a definitely a distraction for a lot us they can affect how we eat.  So if you lost your phone for the day. It may not been such a bad thing!… And here is why:

3 ways losing your phone could help your eating

1. It would help quieten your mind – Being constantly connected to your phone, means you are potentially being bombarded with messages, ph calls and reminders (not to mention the need to scroll facebook or insta!) For those people with anxiety, the simple act of reducing stimuli like the phone may help manage the condition. Whilst this is not a direct link to our eating, we do know, anxiety can impact on our food habits including how often, how fast and the types of foods we choose.

2. It can help you to focus on your senses. This could be the look, smell, taste or texture of the meal. When we focus on our senses we generally eat more mindfully. We eat more slowly and eat an amount that is the “right amount” for us at that particular time.

3. It can help you to connect with those around you. Not having your phone with you, stops you taking that sneaky pic of your food, sending a “quick text” before you eat or even answering a call mid-meal. All of these distractions can of course stop us being present with those around us and it may have a not-so-great impact on those relationships. It also means we lose a great opportunity to share gratitude for the meal with someone. For example we can talk about where the ingredients came from, who prepared it and of course the taste (p.s gratitude is closely linked with happiness)

So there you have it. 3 ways losing your phone could help your eating.

Now if you don’t fancy losing your phone, here are some straight forward, fun ideas on cutting down your mobile phone use over on wikihow.

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