The nutritional benefits of oregano

nutritional benefits of oregano

If you love your Greek or Italian food, then chances are you have eaten a lot of oregano!

We have made it our SOL herb of the month.

SO let’s find out more about this tasty herb…..



The nutritional benefits of oregano

Like all herbs, you would need to eat massive doses of oregano to get a large amount of any one nutrient.

It can help bump your intake of these key minerals though:

  1. Calcium - helpful for bones and teeth
  2. Iron important for oxygen transport in our body
  3. Magnesium - involved with loads of reactions and processes in the body including bone maintenance and growth, muscle health and nerve health
  4. Potassiumhelps muscles contract, regulates our fluid balance in our body and regulates blood pressure

How to cook with oregano

Oregano can be used in all different kinds of dishes. It is a key feature in many Greek and italian meals and works great with lamb!

Try it…..

  • On pizza
  • On lamb skewers on the BBQ
  • In herb bread
  • On roasted tomatoes
  • As a seasoning for your burger meats
  • In pasta sauces
  • In a pesto (instead of basil)
  • In vinaigrettes  and….
  • In steamed seafood dishes

Enjoy :) 

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