How to snack mindfully

Have you ever wondered how mindful eating and snack foods actually go together? Isn’t mindful eating about eating whatever we want and when we want? If we want to eat lots of snack foods won’t that end up making us unhealthy?

Shall we explore it a little more?…

Just a couple of weeks ago I took part in a Google Hangout on mindful snacking.  The hangout got me thinking a lot about snacks! 

It seems there is a bit of confusion out there on mindful eating still. Some folks think  mindful eating is encouraging a “free-for-all” on ALL foods.

It’s true in a way. Eating mindfully does include eating freely. It’s actually one strategy in the non-diet approach where the focus is not on body weight or trying to restrict or control our intake . (click here for more learnings on the non-diet approach).

Importantly though, the ‘freely’ really means without guilt or judgement but with self compassion and an intention of connecting with our bodies.

Mindful eating means all foods are pretty much neutral. There are no “good” or “bad” foods. Whatever we choose to eat we can eat it mindfully. Whether that be a bar of chocolate, a bunch of kale, a bowl of cereal or a piece of steak!

snacking mindfullyHow to snack mindfully

Eating snack foods is actually a great way to illustrate what mindful eating is all about and how it can help us move towards a healthful life.

Snacks are there to aid in managing our internal cues or hunger. There might be times when we need something substantial to manage our physical needs. There might be times we only need a quick bite or nothing at all. The flavours we feel like might be different at different times of the day. Becoming mindful of all these factors will enable us to eat appropriate quantities and types of food that are “right for us” as individuals.

Mindful snacking helps us to:

  1. Check in on our hunger
  2. Make a snack choice in terms of type of food and amount of food (based on our physical hunger, what’s available and of course any health concerns we face)
  3. Eating it with our senses
  4. Savouring the taste

And that’s how we snack mindfully. (Yes, it’s really that simple). P.s – When truly eating mindfully we rarely go mad on snacks or any foods really!

Mindful Eating  = healthful life.


Interested in trying mindful eating?

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mindful eating challenge

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