The 3 secret steps to never dieting again

hunger“If hunger is not the problem, then eating is not the answer”

~  anonymous

Have you noticed how many diets and healthy eating programs talk about “keeping hunger at bay?”

It’s almost like feeling hungry is something we are to be scared of or to avoid at all costs.

Most diets focus on “eat this”, “include that”, “watch your intake” of……. “You will feel full and not crave sugar if you eat x, y or z”.

Whilst for many people this strategy might work just fine and dandy. A meal plan can provide a blueprint or guide for the kinds of foods that are generally nutritious and satisfying.

For others, it can create more anxiety around food.

Why? Because meal plans don’t actually help us to practice and really understand our hunger, fullness and levels of satisfaction from food.  In fact they push us away from them. Therefore,  if we don’t follow “the plan” we can’t figure out to eat fairly healthily for ourselves.

Hunger is not the problem

Our lack of awareness of hunger is the problem

The 3 secret steps to never dieting again

If you are sick of following a plan, a plan decided on by someone else (not you). Here are three secret steps to take (the steps diet companies won’t tell you).  They are natural, innate and simple:

  1. Checking in and noticing where you are at?  Is it physical hunger? How hungry are you? (and how do you know?) What will nourish you if you do eat?

  2. Checking in and discovering when the time to stop eating is? What physical cues does your body give you when you are starting to get comfortably full?

  3. Checking in and exploring what else your body (and mind)  might need? Is it rest? Is it love? Is it to speak out?  To move?  What else?

It won’t be a quick fix like a diet. It will be a long term journey that lasts.


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