Three Ways Mindful Eating Beats Dieting

” I highly recommend worrying. It’s much more effective than dieting”
~ William Powell

dietAre you sitting on the fence with this mindful eating caper? It all sounds well and good to be mindful and trust your body. However, if you’ve been a “dieter” for a long while, that’s a habit that sticks. Understandably it can be a little scary to embark on a different way of eating.

So today, let’s chat about why mindful eating might just be better than dieting.  Well really.  Why it wins hands down.

Three Ways Mindful Eating Beats Dieting

1. It’s fun

Have you ever been on a diet and got so caught up in ‘the rules’ that eating starts to become an unhappy experience ? You know. The rules of what you can and can-not have. No favourite foods.  Lot’s of hard decisions when you eat out. Not to mention the uneasiness each time you “weigh-in”. Uh-Huh???

Doesn’t sound too fun does it?

Well. Mindful Eating helps you keep the joy in eating. As you learn to master your skills, you start to re-create your inquisitiveness with food. This is just like the excitement around food that might have been there when you were a small child (um. That would be the time when there were less food rules?) Mindful Eating gives you permission to choose foods freely, choose foods that you love and at a time you choose.

More food choices = more fun with food.

2. It’s natural

Mindful eating is all about learning to trust (and re-learn) your intuitive skills. You do this by eating when you are physically hungry and stopping when you are comfortably full. (note – although this is a somewhat simplistic take on mindful eating, it’s basically the crux of it ;) )

On the other hand, dieting with the aim of losing weight is often centred on restricting (and often fighting against) your body’s natural signals and nutritional requirements. This might be why the majority of folks who embark on a dieting adventure regain the weight regardless of the kind of diet they follow. 

3. It helps make peace with your body

So dieting comes from a place that you must change yourself. That there is something wrong with you and your appearance. (that’s a wider societal issue we face). In many instances dieting brings an un-healthy pre-occupation to appearance. You only have to look at the number of instagram acounts focused on the latest and greatest diet to know this. There are literally a gazillion accounts of  ladies in bikinis; doing the insta-pout.

So what happens when you can’t keep up with the unrealistic food choices and what happens when you can never look like the air-brushed, super made-up twenty something? You guessed it. Self-hatred.

(p.s in a survey of young Australians aged 12-24, 28% of males and 35% of females were dissatisfied with their appearance).

On the flip side, many mindful eating practices stem from mindfulness. Establishing a solid mindfulness practice whether that be from yoga or meditation will allow you to connect with your body and foster self-love – No matter what your shape or size. Body acceptance seems a much kinder place to start making health changes from  than one coming from dissatisfaction at best or hatred at worst.


Still sitting on the fence?

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