It’s a wrap! | The non-diet approach to health & life series

nurturingWowee– what a year it has been! I’m sure everyone will agree it is well and truly time for the holiday period.

Today I want to say a big formal thank you to all the lovely health professionals and personalities who took part in an interview series I ran. It started as a way to get connected with similar folks. That is, people who don’t really believe in diets and believe in other more fun (and humane) ways of looking after our health.

It ended in new cyber friendships ;) , great stories and much more insight into a non-diet approach to health & life.

Some great thoughts were shared on:

  • The Health At Every Size (HAES) Movement
  • Weight stigma
  • The unhelpful side of diets
  • Connecting with food and managing cooking on a budget in our busy lives
  • Body positivity
  • Mindfulness
  • Physical diversity in sport

Ultimately, the common thread running through all the conversations was:

There are a multitude of ways we can lead a healthful life that do not revolve around being on a diet and these include:

  • Sharing Food, Preparing Food & Gratitude for Food
  • Connecting with our families and friends
  • Enjoying physical activity
  • Self Love &
  • Mindfulness

So without further ado, here are the wonderful (now) friends who have helped me out with sharing their thoughts on health, happiness & life. Make sure to check out their interviews and their webpages.


Interview with Sarah McMahon







Sarah McMahon
Body Matters Australasia

You can read Sarah’s interview HERE


magnus fridh

Magnus Fridh
App Developer, Composer
Yoga & Meditation Teacher,
Mind Apps (Sweden)

You can read Magnus’s interview HERE.


119921515 - Stephanie Alexander_MEDIA IMAGE_CREDIT Simon Griffiths_for web

Stephanie Alexander, AO
Celebrity Cook (Australia)

You can read Stephanie’s interview HERE



lauren fowler

Lauren Fowler
Registered Dietitian (United States)
(Nourish. Savor. Love)

You can read Lauren’s interview HERE.


julie goodwin


Julie Goodwin
Celebrity Cook (Australia)

You can read Julie’s interview HERE.


kerry beake






Kerry Beake
Nutritionist & Health Coach (Australia)
HAES Health Services

You can read Kerry’s interview here.



sarah harry

Sarah Harry
Psychotherapist & Yoga Instructor,
Body Positive Australia

You can read Sarah’s interview HERE.



fiona willer

 Fiona Willer
Accredited Practising Dietitian (Australia)

You can read Fiona’s interview HERE.


and last but definitely not least……

Dr Linda Bacon




Dr Linda Bacon
Researcher, Professor, Author (United States)

You can read Linda’s interview HERE.


Big Thanks & Gratitude to Everyone!


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