The Non-Diet Approach to Health & Life | Special Guest Interview with Julie Goodwin

Hold on to your hats (ha ha). Our next guest in the non-diet approach to health & life series is none other than the LOVELY Julie Goodwin from MasterChef fame!

Can you believe it?

What I have loved most about this series is the realisation many “well known” personalities have similar thoughts to mine on food and health. They aren’t sucked in by the latest nutrition fad and to be honest are just such nice people with a great ethos on life that we can all learn something from. Julie Goodwin is one such individual!

Introducing Julie Goodwin

Julie was Australia’s FIRST EVER winner of MasterChef.

However, I didn’t realise her first career was as a youth worker presenting workshops in schools across Australia before going on to work at a juvenile detention centre on the Central Coast. Following this she established a successful IT company with her husband and raised two (no three!)  boys along the way. Phew!

In 2008, Julie took part in and won the very first MasterChef series here in Australia.

Julie is now a household name, has a regular column in Australian Women’s Weekly along with books being published and many many appearances on TV including her most very recent appearance this year on “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here”.

In 2014 she established Julie’s Place on the Central Coast, offering cooking classes, events and functions with a food focus.

So let’s learn more about Julie’s thoughts on health and life…

Was there one particular moment when you decided you wanted to create food for a living?

I have always loved creating food for my family and friends. I never even conceived of being able to do it for a living until MasterChef and all the opportunities that has presented to me.


What do you love most about cooking?

The thing I love most about cooking is the idea of being able to use my time, and energy, and love, to nourish the people I love and to make them happy.


Obviously there are quite a few fad diets out there at the moment (including from chefs). What are your thoughts on diets?

I’m not a follower or a proponent of fad or trendy diets. I think anything that is extreme, excludes whole food groups previously known to be healthy, or expects complete lifestyle changes in one fell swoop, is doomed to failure. My approach to a healthy life is to cook as much as possible from scratch and to be mindful of what is in the products we buy. It’s about embracing life and enjoying everything in moderation.

You might not know it, but we think your wonderful approach to food and how we grow, prepare and share it makes you a fantastic role model for people of all ages in Australia. Is there anyone else you look up to who promote healthy relationships with food?

I love the cooks and chefs who talk about provenance, about where things grow and how to cook with beautiful fresh food from scratch. I am grateful to the television productions that have brought these things to the forefront of our minds and made the information accessible.


What does ‘being healthy’ mean to you?


Being healthy means being physically and mentally able to enjoy life.

It means being happy, getting plenty of fresh air and laughter.

It means having the energy to take each day by the horns and live it to its fullest.



Many parents face difficulties in feeding their families tasty and nourishing meals on a budget. Can you give us your top tip to help make delicious food QUICKLY and on a BUDGET?

Firstly, have a big spring clean of the fridge, pantry and cupboards in the kitchen. Streamline it and get rid of anything you don’t use. Have non-perishable staples on hand and plan before shopping. Best of all, get hold of my cookbook $20/20 meals which outlines all the above and gives lots of ideas for creating weekday dinners for $20 in 20 minutes.


Can you tell us one fun thing about you that we don’t know ?

I play the clarinet


You have obviously been quite busy this year already with Celebrity in the Jungle. What are your plans for the rest of 2015? What exciting things should we look out for?

My cooking school, Julie’s Place, is really starting to gain momentum. It’s keeping me super busy but I am in the wonderful position of doing what I love every day.


Big Thanks to Julie!

julie goodwin

source: one management

If you would like to learn more about Julie’s work check out her website HERE and for more info on  Julie’s Place head HERE.

A big thanks to Julie for taking part in this interview series she did this fresh out of her stint in the jungle – a very kind lady!



Also thank you very much to the ever helpful Caitlin and Rebecca at ONE Management for helping to make this interview happen!


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Keen to change your relationship with food?

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