What’s the non-diet approach to health?

non-diet approach to healthWhat? No diets you say?

Yep. If you have stumbled across this blog post and are thinking what-the…??, then chances are you haven’t been to our website before.

This week we are talking diets or in particular No DIETS. When I say “diet”, I mean diet for weight loss.

Over 2015 I am interviewing a range of professionals from all walks of life – nutrition, psychology, the food & restaurant industry and the media.

There is one common thread to them all – they all in one way or another encourage or advocate for a non-diet approach to life and health.

If you are a SOL nutrition friend you will know we are huge advocates for this way of thinking and specifically MINDFUL EATING. We LOVE mindful eating  (just click here to learn more about mindful eating).

If you haven’t heard of the non-diet approach to health before, then you really need to keep reading :)

So, what’s the non-diet approach to health?

For starters there isn’t any calorie counting and there aren’t any specific meal plans. There is no portion size control and DEFINITELY NO WEIGHT LOSS GOALS.

It’s really about HEALTH. So making changes to our life  (including HOW we eat, exercise and look after ourselves) based on improving our health but not our body weight.

Why is the non-diet approach great?

Well that’s what you will find out over this year (ha ha – so keep reading). All of our experts will fill in the blanks as to why the non-diet approach is paving the way for a new way of thinking about health.

I’m keen to learn their thoughts on how they look after themselves (self love), their thoughts on diets for weight loss, body image, our society and who inspires them from their field.

As a starting point….think of your answer to this question….

How many people do you know (including yourself) who have been on a diet and managed to maintain the weight they have lost on the diet for over 2 years?

More to come on the non-diet approach soon xx

In the meantime, you might be interested to try our FREE 5-day Mindful Eating Challenge. ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓





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