Is your diet making you depressed?

Do you know someone touched by depression? Chances are, you or someone you know has has experienced depression. One in seven Australians will experience depression at some point in their your diet making you depressed?

The World Health Organisation is predicting depression will be the number one health issue in both developing and developed countries by 2030! (black dog institute)

How do you know if you have depression?

According to Beyond Blue, someone may be depressed if for more than two weeks, they have felt: sad, down, miserable, lost interest and/or pleasure in their usual activities. It can manifest in many ways. From lack of interest in school and work to difficulties sleeping and concentrating, feeling exhausted all of the time, feelings of failure, loss of appetite, feeling overwhelmed and irritable plus many many more.

Did you know diet has a role in depression? Is your diet making you depressed?

Diet and the nutrients we take in have a massive role in our mental health. We are often unsure if a poor diet leads to depression or if being depressed makes us more likely to not feel like eating healthily (and perhaps neglect our diet).

Some of the ways our diet is linked with depression include:

  • Poor Gut Health – lack of absorption of key nutrients affects chemicals (called neurotransmitters) that we need to prevent depression and basically feel HAPPY!
  • Getting enough carbs – if we don’t get enough carbs or the right carbs our energy levels (and nutrients we take in) are low
  • Getting enough protein – protein foods are needed for the production of those neurotransmitters
  • Getting enough “healthy fats” – especially omega 3′s – these have a role in helping communication in our brain
  • Too much alcohol  - most people know alcohol is a depressant and too much could just make us feel a whole lot worse!
  • Getting enough water of fluid – water is a key component of our brain. It seems obvious but we often forget how rubbish our mental health is without a good supply
  • Nutrient deficiencies – lack of vitamin C, iron, folate, zinc, magnesium, B3, B6 and folate all play a role in our mental health and if we don’t get enough via food, then we could be more likely to develop depression

It’s not all about diet…

Obviously, there is not just one thing that causes depression and I am by no means saying nutrition is the only answer. Having an ongoing illness or injury, genetics, chemical imbalances, ongoing stress, changes in hormones (such as in pregnancy) are just some of the causes of depression.

However, knowing that key nutrients are involved in our mental health and wellbeing gives many of us good reason to focus on our diets as a means of prevention.

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