The Nutritional Benefits of Sage

nutritional benefits of sageIt’s not only high time I did a new post on herbs but I’m also thinking a Christmas-y herb. So this month I am talking about Sage (think onion and sage Christmas dinner stuffing) and the nutritional benefits of Sage.

To be honest I don’t do much with Sage. However after doing a bit of nutrition revision on this herb I am thinking to use it some more.

What is good about Sage (nutritionally speaking)?

The two vitamins in highest concentration in Sage are:

  • Vitamin K – it’s main role is in blood clotting and also in making bone protein
  • Vitamin A – important for our immune system, our vision growth and development and communication between our cells

The other key nutrition plus in Sage is it’s phytochemical content. Phytochemicals are just chemical compounds that aren’t essential nutritionally speaking but do have health benefits. The notable ones in Sage are Phenolinic Acids and Flavinoids. They have possible antioxidant, cancer fighting and anti-inflammatory properties – awesome hey!

How to cook with Sage

  • Linking into the Christmas theme, Sage is great in fattier cuts of meat like pork, goose and oily fish.
  • It goes well when you use it in combination with thyme and rosemary (and onion of course)
  • Some people like to use it to flavour sausages and cheese
  • It also goes well with butter/creamy style sauces on pasta or gnocchi dishes
  • Give it  go as a topping on pizza OR
  • In egg dishes like omelettes and frittatas
  • Oh and made up as a tea (just add 1 tablespoon of fresh Sage to a cup of boiling water. Steep for a few minutes and add lemon and/or honey if you wish)

If you have never used Sage and want to try it in a recipe….why not try this Jamie Oliver Christmas Turkey Recipe?  You can adapt it to suit your nutritional needs (e.g. the amount of oil, pork mince, type of breadcrumbs could all be changed).

Happy Cooking x

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