What is normal eating?

what is normal eatingHave you ever watched friends or family eat and noticed how much they really enjoy their food?

Have you noticed they don’t seem too worried about the calories or really what kind of food they are eating?

Somehow though, they seem happy, healthy and quite positive?

So what’s their trick?

Well. They “eat normally”.

What is normal eating?

Normal eating means they listen to their bodies. They know when they are hungry and when it’s time to stop. They know what foods they love and what foods they don’t. They know what foods fuel their body and what doesn’t sustain them. They also aren’t obsessed about body weight.

How can you start eating normally?

To “eat normally” we need to start to eat mindfully. So in essence that’s:

  • learning about our hunger and fullness cues and the rhythms of our body
  • really noticing our food when we eat it
  • showing gratitude for our food and meals. That means recognising where it came from, who prepared it, appreciating the taste and how it makes us feel

Get started today!

To start you on your normal eating journey start with this gratitude challenge:
  1. For your next main meal, take 2 minutes before you eat to think what you are grateful for
  2. Think where the food came from, who prepared it, the taste, colour and texture of the food, the table presentation and decor and most of all…who you are sharing the meal with!
  3. Now try that exercise once/day. It works really well with our evening meals. It’s the time we should all be sitting down, relaxing and sharing a bite with others.
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