The Nutritional Benefits of Mint

nutritional benefits of mintOur SOL Herb of the month is Mint !!!

When I think of mint I initially think of chewing gum. Not actual foods. Then I remember there are different types of mint and wide array of uses.

From peppermint tea to lamb with mint sauce and chocolate + mint combos.

It really is quite versatile.

What are the nutritional benefits of mint?

Well, like all herbs it has some interesting properties. I’ve actually found it quite difficult to get a full run down of the nutritional aspects from all kinds of mint. So let’s use spearmint, one of the more common types as an example. In a couple of tablespoons of spearmint, you get a significant amount of :

  • iron- important for oxygen transport in our body
  • manganese -  involved with loads of things like the processing of cholesterol, carbs and protein plus it’s involved with our bone health
  • folate - helps make healthy red blood cells and is very important for fetal growth and development
  • vitamin A - one of it’s best known roles is for our eye health. It’s also important for our immune system and growth & development

How to cook with mint?

OK. So as discussed earlier, the uses for mint are actually quite varied. Here are some ideas to get you started using mint:

  • In Drinks -peppermint tea that’s obvious – takes me back to morocco! Also in alcoholic drinks. Think Mojitos – not that I’m encouraging alcohol mind you ;)
  • As a key ingredient in Vietnamese dishes. (vietnamese mint is technically from a different plant family though) Think soups like laksa, in rice paper wraps/rolls and as a garnish on anything really. Works really well in bringing a “freshness” to salads.
  • Accompanying meats such as lamb. What about a classic mint sauce? or a yoghurt + mint combos (like raita)?
  • As a dessert. Think Choc Mint Ice Cream and Chocolate with Mint in general

OK. Hope that got your taste buds thinking.

If you have a yummy recipe with mint please share it in the comments section below or via email (

Keep the ‘sol’ in your eating x



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